Star Wars: A Renewed Hope

It occurs to me that at some point in my son’s lifetime (and maybe mine) someone will probably try to remake the original Star Wars (A New Hope). How long until they try? Ten years? Twenty years? Probably after all the principals have past. Mark Hamill was born in 1951. He’s 67 this year. Harrison Ford was born in 1942. He’s 76 this year. Of course, we’ve already lost Carrie Fisher. If they go for the 50th anniversary, that’d be 2027, less than ten years away. But right now it sounds like Disney already has about eight years of Star Wars in the pipeline. So I’m guessing probably somewhere between 2027 and 2037.

I also wonder about how they will recast the roles when they remake Star Wars. But it also occurs to me that in ~20 years, the technology behind deepfakes and whatever Disney is using to de-age its actors (a la Samuel L. Jackson in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie) will be pretty far along. Maybe they won’t need to recast the roles. They can just recreate the whole thing in CG. Or if they do need actors for motion capture, it will be easy to replace their physiognomies with the visages of the original cast. And the verisimilitude will be so good, we won’t even be able to tell the difference.

This also means that in the future, actors will never need to age. Or if we are telling a time traveling tale like Looper, it will be possible to simple repaint a young Bruce Willis on the face of a Joseph Gordon-Levitt, no prostheses required.