What's the oldest thing?

I asked a question for #snelltalk and it was selected by @jsnell and @siracusa.

What’s the oldest thing that @jsnell owns or is in his home? Why is it there? #snelltalk

This is the oldest thing I own

It’s a tubeworm casing from a deep-sea Lamellibrachia sp. It was collected during a research expedition to the Gulf of Mexico in 2004 from a site called “Acesta Hill” in Green Canyon lease block 234 at about 1600 feet depth. They were generously provided by Dr. Charles Fisher and Kevin Zelnio of Pennsylvania State University to teachers participating in NOAA-sponsored marine biology workshop. This species is very slow growing, with experiments suggesting that specimens can live over 250 years or more.

Ten Days of Squidmas 🦑🎄

On the tenth day of Squidmas my true love gave to me Ten swordfish leaping, Nine maties shanting, Eight mussels milting, Seven prawns a-swimming, Six goosenecks clinging, Five sucker rings, Four crawling worms, Three limpets, Two fertile slugs, And a large squid with a sharp beak.

Remember, squeezing is the reason for the seizing.


📚 Finished reading @hodgman’s VACATIONLAND. I wonder what he will do if he ever learns that his IMAGINARY FEAR of singing freshwater mollusks pales in comparison to the REAL-LIFE MIMETIC HORROR of their VAMPIRIC LARVAE.