If we think of culture like water, then in the past it was primarily available only through rare and tightly controlled oases (channels). These wells ran deep and everyone drank from the same source but the distribution of water was tightly restricted and everything was purified to have the same taste, color and character. Then the flood of the internet came along which submerged the world in an infinite, shallow sheet of water. Everyone now has access to the same water but it’s easily muddied by the area it flows through. There is no more scarcity or purity but it also has far less value.

Branding in the Age of Social Media

Triangulating Peter Parker’s identity

Occurs to me that the trope of the masked comicbook superhero is deprecated now that we have these genetic online databases. How trivial would it be to triangulate Peter Parker’s identity? All vigilantes can be unmasked. No more Daresdevils or Batsmen.



Playing around with #Pixelmator and #Sunlit.


♻️ Learning more about #microplastics today

Weird windshield

Weirdest thing I’ve ever removed from my windshield: Indotyphlops braminus 🐍

Nice day

📸 Nice day outside at work today.


📚 Finished reading @hodgman’s VACATIONLAND. I wonder what he will do if he ever learns that his IMAGINARY FEAR of singing freshwater mollusks pales in comparison to the REAL-LIFE MIMETIC HORROR of their VAMPIRIC LARVAE.