Into the woods #wander

Geology is biological destiny

Target currently has these small plastic treasure chests on sale at the front of my local stores for $1. I am finding they make nice containers for all the little, easily-lost pieces from the various board games we’re collecting.

Blessings and good fortune in the new year. Here are some of the more than forty years of collected coins my father gifted to us.

The Lost Words

📚The Lost Words; A spell of words by @RobGMacfarlane and @jackiemorrisart. Listening to the audiobook version. A great way to begin the new year.

The real problem of videoconferencing

Found this copy of an old New Yorker article, from 1936, where E.B. White describes the new technology of television as it appeared three years before RCA debuted their version at the 1939 World’s Fair. In it, White relates an speech given by David Sarnoff.

“Mr. Sarnoff next gave a little talk, in which he cheerfully, and with enormous self-effacement, admitted the real problem of television was not its mechanical vagaries but finding programs for it when it finally gets ironed out.”

I think that’s where we are at with videoconferencing. There are still a lot of technical hurdles, but live, interactive “television” is the future and finding quality programming is the real problem.

I know he is thinking in three dimensions but he keeps forgetting the value of depth.

Is there any value in running something equivalent to an airline safety video before a webinar or large group video conference to explain the interface and audience expectations? And is anyone already doing this?

"Control Alt Achieve" Book

Digital Promise

Zoom for EDU

Screen times

Look at screens to get news updates. Look at more screens because all meetings are virtual now.

Expect someone somewhere has perforated an eardrum by accidentally putting the stem instead of the bud from an AirPods into their ear by mistake, drunkenly or sleepily.

CBS should remake the 1980s Dungeons and Dragon cartoon but using real-life actors. Cast Danny DiVito as the Dungeon Master.

Automatic Transcription for Videos Using Google Voice Typing

Learned a trick for transcribing videos. Open up a Google Document in Chrome. Open up the video. Make sure the audio is being piped to Chrome. I use the Loopback app from Rogue Amoeba (Mac). Start the video. Click on Tools > Voice Typing. Voila. It’s automated, so there are transcription errors. But it usually gets me 60-80% of the way there. I’ve seen folks use Soundflower on PCs to do the same trick as Loopback.


If you lose, you snooze. Said that way, makes it sound like more of an incentive.


This was the year that I carved the turkey.

True or False.

  1. Nobody asked for their opinion.
  2. Nobody needs their opinion.
  3. All of the above.
  4. None of the above.


The term microlearning showed up twice today in my feeds from two different sources. - -

Caught my first wild Cymothoid isopod. Came out of the mouth of a yellowtail snapper. Pulled the line of of the fish’s mouth and that was still stuck on the hook. 🐟🦐🎣 #isopod #Belize #parasite

Work view

Lost in the Canals of Online Learning

Every time I take an online course I am reminded of Venice. There are maps, but they don’t really help you. The easiest way to get around is being content with being lost. The straightest route isn’t always the easiest. It’s really easy to miss something important or interesting along the way. Going in circles is a given. No one else knows where they are either. And no one really lives here anyway.